UTI Home Remedies

UTI Home Remedies

Many people are affected by this group of diseases called UTI – urinary tract infections, which are not only uncomfortable but also very painful for the patients. This kind of illness affects your body and has a great impact on your daily habits.

If you have just been diagnosed with a urinary tract infection, probably the first impulse was to resort to medications in order to cure the disease. The bad news is that your body can build up a resistance to any drug it receives, if the intake period is too long.

Antibiotics surely help in controlling UTI symptoms, but taking them repeatedly won’t really do you a favor. Maybe you will get rid of the infection for the moment, but the next time you’ll have this problem, your body will react differently to the antibiotics. This means there can be a moment when these medicines won’t help you anymore in controlling your urinary tract infection. This is why people affected by this group of diseases tend to try more and more home remedies, hoping the infection will go away.
Before treating a disease, you have to know the agents that triggered the infection. Urinary tract infections can be triggered by repeated hot baths or by too much soap or other showering products. You can replace your long baths with showering, which are considered a natural remedy for urinary tract infections. Hot tubs and swimming pools might be not so clean and sanitary, so it’s better to avoid these places if you know you’re sensitive to infections. Preventing a disease is always easier than treating it.

Another simple and natural cure for urinary tract affections is drinking at least 8-10 glasses of water each day. Of course, you can increase this quantity if you have an active life or you’re an athlete. Urinary tract infections are caused by bacteria, so the quicker you eliminate the pathogen agent from your organism, the sooner you are healed. Drinking water or natural beverages, such as cranberry juice, was proved to prevent cystitis crisis and keep urinary infections away.

responsible for your disease, so before you start any other treatment be sure your body doesn’t have a lack of this mineral. Vitamin C is a natural remedy for urinary tract infections, and it can be found in the form of supplements. A regular intake of this vitamin can help your body recover faster and become more resistant to pathogen agents.

Increasing your kidney functioning can be a decisive factor in treating urinary tract infections and it can be done by adding to your diet some alfalfa juice. This will help your body get rid of the toxins quicker.

Eating natural yogurts can also help, as they are rich in good bacteria which can restore the natural balance of your urinary system.

Also, try to urinate as often as possible, even if it’s painful. This will help your bladder feel better and will purify your blood, by eliminating the toxins.

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