MAX Cranberry for Dogs Cures Prevents Painful UTI

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Product Features

  • ELIMINATE RECURRING AND PAINFUL UTI SYMPTOMS OR YOUR MONEY BACK - It must be very hard to see your best friend in pain and discomfort experiencing urinary tract infections that come back often. Relieve the pain and keep your dog from uncontrolled 'accidents', save yourself from hassle of constant cleaning and needing to go out several times a day. Try now RISK FREE and bring your dog's comfort back! Investing in your dog's health is the best way to show them love.
  • ALTERNATIVE TO EXPENSIVE VET VISITS AND ANTIBIOTICS - Do not let your furry friend develop antibiotic resistance caused by frequent treatments. Treat your buddy instead with MAX cranberry chews for dogs as an alternative to spending at least $150 on vet visits.
  • MOST POWERFUL FORMULATION - 400mg of cranberry extract, 350mg of d-mannose, 350mg of grapefruit extract and 7m of probiotics per chew. Our MAX formula pill contains highest amount of active ingredients per soft chew for full UTI control, bladder support & kidney strength. Your dog will love the taste of our chews and you can give it to him as a treat or crush and mix them with his food.
  • PREVENT UTIs AND PROMOTE HEALTHY URINARY TRACT - It is heartbreaking too see your dog urinate blood. It is even more terrifying to realize that the suffering comes with it. It is important to find a medicine that not only supplements treatment but also prevention and elimination of all the infection symptoms taking the pain away and give you comfort that your fur buddy can start enjoying his life again. Forget about irritation, incontinence, kidney and bladder stones.
  • MADE IN USA - HEALTHY DOG SUPPLEMENT YOU CAN TRUST - Our low allergen soft pills are manufactured in an FDA-registered & GMP-certified facility and 3rd party tested by an independent lab to deliver best results when used in a daily diet. Trust us, your friend will notice the quality in no time! 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - enhance your dog's health or money back! With BONUS eBOOK!

Product Description

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