Dmanna 2000mg DMannose Powder Packets Easy Use D

Dmanna is a UTI prevention tool for people experiencing frequent or recurrent urinary tract infections. It works by harnessing the natural power of d-mannose, a sugar that acts against more

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  • PREVENTS A UTI: Dmanna has been shown to significantly decrease your risk of Urinary Tract Infections when taken daily. Dmanna is a prevention tool for people experiencing chronic or recurrent UTI symptoms. Avoid harmful antibiotics by including Dmanna in your daily health routine and kill the UTI before it develops.
  • GOOD FOR YOU: It's much easier to prevent a UTI than to cure it once you're infected. Dmanna can prevents over 85% of UTIs. It is the safest, cheapest, and most effective treatment for those looking to prevent future urinary tract infections. Users of Dmanna have been able to discontinue the use of harmful antibiotics, report missing less work due to UTIs, and have improved quality of life.
  • WORKS FOR WOMEN: From children to elderly, over 80% of UTI sufferers are women-young women, elderly women, and little girls alike. Until now, there has been no hope for women suffering from chronic or frequent UTIs. Dmanna is changing that. Through scientific research, product development, and community education, Dmanna is working to reduce the number of UTIs contracted annually by half. Instead of waiting for the next infection to strike, Dmanna helps people prevent UTIs for life.
  • SAFE FOR EVERYONE: Safe for diabetics, pregnant moms, nursing moms, children, even pets.
  • EASY TO USE: Comes with 35 daily powder packs that are tasteless. Take one dose (1 packet) on a daily basis for optimal prevention. You can take Dmanna with 16-20 ounces of any drink or mixed in with food.

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