D Mannose with Cranberry Capsules DMannose with Cranberry

Maintain a Healthy Urinary Tract and Fight UTIs Naturally with Somalab's D Mannose Capsules!

D Mannose is known to cleanse and flush out harmful bacteria from the urinary tract to...read more

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Product Features

  • BALANCE & SUPPORT FOR URINARY TRACT HEALTH: Prevention is the best medicine. Stay a step ahead of urinary tract infections with D-Mannose capsules. UTIs are common in women and each Dmannose capsule with cranberry helps keep the urinary system clean and clear of infections.
  • ALTERNATIVE TO ANTIBIOTICS FOR UTI TREATMENT: D Mannose with Cranberry, Dandelion Root Extract and Hibiscus Flower help reduce inflammation, infection and improves urinary health without harmful long-term effects from antibiotics.
  • FLUSH, CLEANSE AND RESTORE YOUR URINARY TRACT: This powerful blend of high-quality ingredients stops bacteria from attaching to the walls of the urinary tract and flushes out impurities. Our D-Mannose capsules act as a natural UTI medicine for women and men that works to help the body maintain healthy ph levels to restore a healthy urinary tract. Common misspellings include d' mannose, d--mannose, d manose, d manos, d-manos, d-manose, and d mannos.
  • CRANBERRY JUICE BENEFITS WITHOUT THE JUICE: Cranberry juice is often recommended as a UTI treatment to improve your body's natural cleansing and immune system. However, too much cranberry juice can often spike blood sugars and add unwanted calories. Get all the benefits of cranberry with our d mannose cranberry capsules without the calories.
  • 100% RISK-FREE TRIAL. Somalabs' D-Mannose Capsules are backed by our 100% satisfaction 60-day money back guarantee. We know you will love our USA-made formula as much as we do!

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